Nanotechnology and the file: you can drill a keyhole in the Apple AirTag

The long-awaited AirTag tags are made in the best traditions of Apple: there are no fasteners on the case, so in order to attach the device to the keys or somewhere else, you need to buy additional accessories. But the Western colleagues of our Kulibins found a simple, but at the same time elegant way out of the situation: just drill a hole in the device.

Why and to what?

Western fans of high technology really liked the idea of AirTag, but they are confused by the need to buy additional special cases for their tags. And hang the device on the keys or wherever you want. Therefore, Gizmodo gives advice – how to improve ergonomics and not too much to reverse the miracle of technology.

To turn the AirTag into a stylish keychain (and a GPS tag, if everything goes well), you only need a 1\16-inch drill. Remove the battery and drill as shown in the picture:

you can drill a keyhole in the Apple AirTag 1

That’s it, you’re great! Now you can hang the device on your keys, belt, or attach it to some important device or tool.

Source: iFixit

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