New feature in MIUI: Front camera assistant

Xiaomi is notorious for using MIUI weekly beta updates to resolve bugs and introduce new features. The most recent update, dated 21.10.28, includes a useful feature known as ‘Front camera assistant.’ Let’s have a peek at what it’s all about.

Xiaomi has implemented a feature named ‘Front camera assistant’ to its smartphone operating system, according to an MIUI-focused Telegram community called MIUIes. The feature is now available in the most recent weekly beta build.

MIUI Front Camera Assistant

There are two options in the new feature: ‘Front camera assistant’ and ‘Beautify for video calls.’When activated, the former increases the display brightness to fill light while conducting video calls in low-light conditions. During calls, on the other hand, the latter uses a beautifying filter.

Instead of calling the first option ‘Fill light,’ Xiaomi could have simply called it ‘Front camera assistant,’ which is exactly the feature’s name. In any case, these options are now only available in China for WeChat video calls.

Since Xiaomi discontinued publishing MIUI Global weekly beta releases a few years ago, the only method to get this feature is to unlock the bootloader and install the MIUI China weekly beta ROM.

It’s unclear when the feature will be accessible in the stable channel at this time. Even if it would arrive, it is unclear if it will find its way to overseas markets.

Xiaomi should perhaps collaborate with global video calling applications to deliver this beneficial feature to a wider range of users throughout the world.

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