New generation of camera technologies and products announced by Huawei

One of China’s leading electronics device manufacturers, Huawei Technologies, held a new product launch ceremony in Zhuhai. President of Huawei Intelligent Vision, Duan Aiguo, unveiled three new developments as well as new products at the event.

What is known?

SuperColor, SuperCoding, and AI Turbo technology, as well as a new generation of cameras, were all launched by the manufacturer. The “Cube,” a binocular full-color AI tube camera that incorporates RGBW super-sensitive sensor, DNN ISP real-time video noise reduction, AI HDR full aim enhancement, and Deblur to eliminate motion smear, was recently released.

The deep learning network algorithm in the AI Ultra-Light Camera 2.0 has been improved, and detection is more reliable. The smart supplementary light has also been updated, and the strength is now changed automatically around the clock.

AI Dual-Spectrum Thermal Imaging Camera 2.0

The AI Dual-Spectrum Thermal Imaging Camera 2.0 is also there, which achieves longer range and earlier detection of fireworks, and the detection time is doubled after the processing power is upgraded.

With a larger battery storage space, highly flexible remote on-demand wake-up, and a broader sensing spectrum, the Eco Camera 2.0 embraces a combination of various power delivery approaches.

Intelligent Video Storage IVS3800 2.0

Intelligent Video Storage IVS3800 2.0 has large-scale elastic EC technology that depends on AI Turbo’s four-in-one fully organized algorithm and uses SuperCoding technology to store more useful data. The Huawei Cloud AI market, on the other hand, is used for the Intelligent Video Storage IVS1800 2.0, which uses SuperCoding technology.

Holographic Interaction Solution 2.0

The Holographic Interaction Solution 2.0  also accommodates a number of intersection forms, including Triangle, T-Shaped, X-Shaped, Y-Shaped, Overpass, and Super-Large Intersection.  It also supports the acquisition of all machine, non-human, and human elements, as well as optimizes signal control in a logical manner.

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