New secret feature of Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max revealed in test

In comparison to the other devices in the lineup, the iPhone 13 Pro Max appears to have a significant benefit.

During the launch, Apple spoke extensively about the iPhone 13 devices’ battery capacity, but one aspect remained a mystery.

Apple‘s iPhone 13 series was released last month, with the corporation claiming that the latest iPhone‘s had a longer battery life. When compared to their iPhone 12 series contemporaries, Apple claims that the iPhone 13 mini and iPhone 13 have a 1.5-hour longer battery life. The iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max are said to have a 2.5-hour battery life boost.

Apple spoke extensively about the battery capacity of the iPhone 13 devices at the launch event, but it appears that it left out a crucial feature that appears to be limited to the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

According to tests, the Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max has a substantially faster charging rate. Tests revealed that the iPhone 13 Pro Max might reach charging speeds of up to 27W, according to Ice Universe, a trustworthy tipster.

Following the announcement, the iPhone 12 Pro Max’s battery was put to the test by the YouTube channel ChargerLab. When connected to a charger capable of charging at speeds of 30W or greater, the phone was constantly hitting charging speeds of up to 27W.

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Whilst Apple has not stated why this New secret feature of Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max was kept hidden, we may expect peak charging speeds to slow as the battery reaches a particular percentage level. This prolongs the battery life of the device without necessitating a complete replacement. This feature may have been kept hidden by Apple.

Whereas the Android devices may charge at speeds of up to 100W, this has an impact on the unit’s general health and can only be fixed by replacing it.

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