Official Announcement: Lenovo Z6 Pro will release this month

Lenovo Z6 Pro will release this month: Earlier on April 8th, Beijing time, Lenovo Group Vice President and General Manager of Lenovo Mobile’s China Region announced that Lenovo Z6 Pro, Lenovo’s second Snapdragon 855 Super Flagship “Four years of blood, Classic Reincarnation”, will be Released for listing in April.

Lenovo Z6 Pro will release this month

What is known?

The routine also released a poster of the Lenovo Z6 Pro. The words “Snapdragon 855” are particularly eye-catching. It seems that the Z6 Pro does not have to worry about performance.

Lenovo Z6 Pro will release this month

It is reported that the platform is built on the 7nm process technology, adopting a new three-cluster eight-core architecture, which is composed of a 1×2.84GHz super large core + 3×2.42GHz large core + 4×1.8GHz small core, and the GPU is Adreno 640.

In addition, there is a paragraph under the “Snapdragon 855” – why many flagship phones can be called the performance of violence, but not the height of aesthetics – suggesting that Lenovo Z6 Pro performance and design aesthetics.

According to the previous news, we know that the most important selling point of Lenovo Z6 Pro is the relatively new “Hyper Video” function, which can output up to 100 Megapixels of photos, in addition to super macro, super anti-shake, super wide-angle function, super Night scenes and super slow motion and more.


Lenovo Z6 Pro will release this month

Some time ago, the Z6 Pro box was released. It is worth noting that this design is not too small. It was designed by the designer of the Beijing Olympic Games Xiangyun Torch. The overall color is mainly dark, and some red patterns are added as embellishments.


Finally, the price is, the Z6 Pro’s previous generation flagship (Z5 Pro GT 855 version) is priced at 2,698 yuan(~$401), which is the lowest price of the Snapdragon 855 flagship, and is currently the only starting price Within 3,000 yuan (~$448), the Dragon 855 flagship. As a new black technology, the price of the Z6 Pro is still very much worth looking forward to.

How much do you think it will be?

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