One plus 7 Pro almond yellow color exposure

One plus 7 Pro almond yellow: The news about the Oneplus new mobile phone Oneplus 7 and Oneplus 7 Pro has been exposed a lot, from the processor, screen to flash specifications, camera specifications to us.

However, the color matching of the new Oneplus mobile phone has always been mysterious. At present, it is basically determined that Oneplus 7 Pro will have two colors of nebula blue and mirror black, and now its other mysterious color is also exposed.

Roland Quandt, a well-known Twitter blogger, brought the yellow color version of the 7 Pro and released the rendered image of the phone.

From the picture point of view, this color matching is very similar to the popular “Local Gold” color matching in previous years, but in a closer view, this almond yellow is lighter, more elegant, more artistic, and looks like the trend of the gradient. More unique.

One plus 7 Pro almond yellow

One plus 7 Pro almond yellow

 In recent time, Oneplus mobile phone products generally have price of 3,000 yuan(~$440), but if you want to build a top flagship mobile phone in the industry, regardless of the curved screen, Snapdragon 855 or UFS 3.0 flash memory, there is a high cost, 3,000 yuan(~$440) is now clearly not enough, the cost has increased dramatically.

Therefore, one plus 7 Pro will become a milestone in the high-end market where the price of a mobile phone hits 4,000 yuan(~$586).

Source: CNMO

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