OnePlus 7 Pro ad on the New York Times promised no bezel and no notch

OnePlus 7 Pro ad on the New York Times: In the New York Times, OnePlus is running an ad to promote its upcoming OnePlus 7 Pro. It teases the phone without bells and whistles, no bezels, no gaps, no app delays, no British media reports, no $2,000 price tag, and strangely, no random music.

Blueprint of the phone is also used in the ad, that more or less confirmed some of its key selling points – the in-display fingerprint scanner, the new pop-up selfie camera, the new triple camera, and heat pipe for heat dissipation.

OnePlus will also introduce 7 Pro as “the best mobile phone you’ve never heard of” based on Reader’s Choice Winner’s mobile phone satisfaction, in which OnePlus got overall satisfaction rating higher than Google, Samsung or Apple.

OnePlus posted a tweet of the ad on Twitter, calling OnePlus 7 Pro “just a better phone.”

Now, when just two weeks away from the May 14th OnePlus 7 and 7 Pro, we look forward to seeing more of those teasers.

Last week, Display Mate provided the highest score for the OnePlus 7 Pro display, and for the first time, we saw the glimpse of phone’s new 3x zoom camera.

Source: Twitter

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