OnePlus 9 Pro scores low for maintainability

One and a half weeks ago, OnePlus introduced the new flagship family OnePlus 9. The iFixit specialists spent this time with benefit and managed to test and evaluate the maintainability of the older model – OnePlus 9 Pro.

OnePlus 9 Pro iFixit Verdict

Videorazborka shows that hidden inside the gadget and with other problems you might encounter during the time of repair. So, the opening procedure is the same as for the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, including a strong adhesive next to the camera tab.

And under the cover is a wireless charging coil, various cables that need to be unplugged before removing the battery, and several 5G antennas that traverse internal components.

The battery consists of two cells. It is not easy to replace, but to iFixit noted that OnePlus offers large tabs on the battery of their smartphones to their removal was more simple than that of other manufacturers.

As a  result, the OnePlus 9 Pro received only 4 points out of  10 possible. However,  last year’s OnePlus 8 Pro had the same score, while the  Galaxy S21 Ultra had  1 pointless.

“ Its easy-to-remove battery and relatively modular design are positives, but the glued-on back panel is a barrier to disassembly and repair, which further exacerbates the situation. The display requires a complicated disassembly to access and can thus break due to the abundance of glue and curved edges ” , – summed up in the iFixit.

Source: iFixit

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