OnePlus Nord LE: Exclusive

Stand out from the crowd, get OnePlus Nord LE that’s one of a kind.

We are already accustomed to the fact that smartphones are released in multi-million copies. But this rule does not apply to OnePlus Nord LE.

If you thought that this is a new product that will be released in limited edition, then you are partly mistaken. This is the same OnePlus Nord introduced last year and will not go into mass production.

The abbreviation LE stands for “only one edition” and OnePlus Nord LE will be released in a single copy. Yes, you heard right, the company will release only one copy of this model.

And all the fuss was started only to attract subscribers to the company’s Instagram page and hype. How will this device be remarkable? Let’s go in a favorite and hackneyed way – to offer an original color.

The OnePlus Nord LE has a sleek, gradient back cover that gradually fades green to orange. Recall that OnePlus Nord has a glossy “back” in black or blue.

Only one can get the “exclusive” device and they intend to choose it among those who will take part in the drawing. There are only two prerequisites:

  • Subscribe to the oneplus.nord page on Instagram;
  • Take a picture of the OnePlus smartphone you own.

You need to post it on your Instagram page and write why you are eager to get OnePlus Nord. #SwitchToNord must be used in the header

Do you want to take part? Then click here.

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