OpenAI one-click music: OpenAI taught neural networks to create music with one click

OpenAI one-click music: OpenAI artificial intelligence can now not only win in Dota 2 but also write full-fledged music in different styles.

How does it work?

MuseNet system is able to imitate the style of a musician, continuing the given melody. Now OpenAI can come up with an arrangement of works by classical composers or pop stars in 15 different styles, from 8-bit to jazz.

The neural network is capable of writing music from scratch, it relies on a set of MIDI files collected from a number of online sources. Files are combined into tokens containing information about pitch, volume, and instrument.

This means that the AI ​​is not yet creating something fundamentally new, although the result obtained is already quite impressive.

MuseNet differs from other similar systems in its high-quality final result and the ability to generate music in different styles from the same model.

Anyone can test the neural network until May 12. Then the developers will refine the algorithm and publish its code.

Source: MuseNet

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