Oppo envisions battery-free future powered from ambient radio waves

Oppo’s vision of a battery-free future for low-power IoT (Internet of Things) devices is shared in a new white paper via Android Authority.

According to Oppo, in the future, instead of a built-in battery, we may utilise gadgets that take power straight from Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and mobile phone signals. These are what Oppo refers to as “Zero-Power Communication” devices.

Zero-Power Communication devices, according to Oppo, are “battery-free, very small, ultra-low-cost, and may have ultra-low power consumption.”

Zero-Power Communication devices might minimize the consumption of batteries in general, cutting the expenses of maintenance and pollution that we now encounter with existing gadgets.

We may be able to use Zero-Power technology in a variety of ways. Zero-Power technology, according to Oppo, might be employed in wearables, allowing them to be charged passively.

Transportation, smart home gadgets, location tagging, and even long-distance surveillance of migrating birds might all benefit from Zero-Power Communication devices.

Oppo’s ambition to employing products that are fueled by the air is not new. Samsung, Xiaomi, and Motorola have all previously exhibited devices that use comparable technologies.

Samsung unveiled its newest Eco Remote at CES 2022, which uses 2.4GHz Wi-Fi signals from its surroundings to power itself and eliminates the need for batteries.

Though Oppo is promoting its Zero-Power technology for passively powering gadgets, it may not be able to produce the power required to charge phones.

Oppo’s technology also varies from Xiaomi and Motorola’s “air charging” technology, which uses a specialised station to emit targeted, low-level radio frequency waves to charge phones from a distance.

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