OPPO has applied for a patent for a detachable interface similar to Microsoft’s Surface Book.

OPPO has been working with diverse form factors for its product and has recently released a pair of concepts of unique smartphone designs. In line with this, the Chinese company has now applied for a patent for a detachable device.

A recent OPPO patent named “Mobile Terminals and Hosts” with publication number CN112470452A has appeared online. This patent defines a detachable device, similar to the Microsoft Surface Book.

According to the patent abstract, the device has a groove that allows the display to be connected to the main body. The lower part of the gadget is the base, and the upper part is the attachable display unit.

OPPO applied for the parent company of a foldable smartphone last year, and it now appears that the company has started focusing on various forms of smartphones to gain attention, including foldable screens and detachable displays.

A few months earlier, the company launched a new concept phone called Slide-Phone with a Triple-Fold Interface, which was created in collaboration with Japanese design studio Nendo. Depending on the folds, the display scale varies from 1.5 to 7 inches.

The first foldable smartphone from the brand may be a rollable display device, which the company unveiled as the OPPO X 2021.


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