Oppo patents two mobile phone models with pop-up and sliding display

Oppo patents two mobile phone models with an extra screen. One has a pop-up display, the other model has a slider display.

Oppo belonged mid last year to one of the first manufacturers to a mobile phone with pop-up camera introduced the Find X. After releasing the OPPO Find X with a pop-up camera setup and the upcoming OPPO Reno with the “Shark Fin” camera design, Oppo is now apparently working on yet another very unique device.

Oppo has patent two devices that do not only have a pop-up camera but a pop-up display. The second screen comes out of the first screen. It is a very unique design.

Oppo telephone with a pop-up display

On January 29, 2019, WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) published a patent from Guangdong Oppo Mobile Telecommunications for an “Electronic device with the display panel.” Different Oppo telephones are described, they all have two displays. However, they are not flexible displays, a sliding system is used to advance the second display.

We start with the most spectacular design. As you can see in the images above and below, the device has a pop-up screen instead of a pop-up camera. The display appears to be able to slide from the upper part of the device, just behind the main screen. If you want to have more screen, this would allow you to have even more screen estate. The extra screen can be useful in situations where users would like to have a full screen at their disposal, but still, need controls. Think of network gaming or watching a movie.

The front camera and receiver are placed in the narrow top bezel. In this way, the user has access to two complete screens, with no notches or holes in the screen.

Oppo smartphone with slider screen

For the second patent, the device shows a side-sliding display design which adds a more workable area to the device. In this device, the screen does not slide from the top, but from the left. The selfie camera and receiver are also placed in the top bezel of this model.


This design is not entirely new. Ten years ago this design was used by several telephone manufacturers. For example, the LG GW520 and the Nokia 6760 were released in 2009, both were side slider phones. It wasn’t a second screen here, by the way, but a keyboard that you could slide out from the side. A year later, the Samsung Chat BT3410W and the HTC Desire Z were released, these were also QWERTY slider phones.

However, the design doesn’t make much sense with today’s tech, because of the bezel in-between which spoils the entire view. That means a real full-screen experience is not possibles unless they manage to entirely remove the top or side bezel.

It is therefore certainly not inconceivable that Oppo will release such a telephone model. Finally, by using a slider display, instead of a physical keyboard, you can assign many more functionalities to the slider system. As mobile gaming is becoming increasingly popular there will undoubtedly be a market for this type of smartphone models.

You can view the Oppo smartphone patent and images here.

Source: LetsGoDigital

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