PlayStation Store is not the same: Sony has changed the refund policy

Suddenly, and without warning, Sony changed the refund policy for the PlayStation Store. Gamers can recover money spent on digital content, including add-ons and services. 

What is known

Now gamers will be able to return the money spent on digital content, including for add-ons and services. You can request a refund within 14 days after purchasing the game or DLC, but on the condition that you did not start installing, downloading or streaming the product. 

At the same time, if the game turns out to be a problem, as it was with Anthem or Fallout 76, then the money will be returned even after downloading or installing.

Money for pre-order returned at any time, but only until the day of release. If you buy the game three days before the release, then the standard limit on the return is 14 days.

Gamers can also return money for PlayStation Now, PlayStation Plus and other Sony services within 14 days of purchase. Here are just the number of returned funds will depend on the period of service. 

For example, if you paid for PlayStation Plus a year in advance, but played online for seven days, you will get back a little less money. If you want to return the money for a subscription after 14 days, then there will be no return.

Also, remember that Sony does not return money for changes to the name on the PlayStation Network and PlayStation Vue subscription.

Source: PlayStation Store

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