Privacy issues: Apple responds to clean App Store screen time and parental control apps

Apple responds to parental control apps removing: This week, Apple has kicked off up to 12 apps in the App Store about screen usage time/parental control and even left itself in a monopoly charge.

In response, Phil Schiller. Apple’s senior vice president of global marketing, responded that Apple’s withdrawal of the three-party APP abused MDM to track children’s activities and data, which is a privacy issue.

Schiller welcomes developers to use parental control programs that are not based on MDM, but the problem is that due to the iOS application sandboxing mechanism, this can seriously affect the application experience because it can not get the sandbox, the activity of other programs Recording time is even more nonsense.

Of course, Apple said it will work with developers and is expected to launch an API based on the iOS privacy framework to allow developers to get screen time, notification counts, and more.

Apple responds to parental control apps removing

Source: Cnbeta

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