Railway subsidiary tests talking information robot, Instead of service personnel

FRAnny robot: The times when you could ask even more or less friendly service staff for various information at Deutsche Bahn and at airports could soon be over.

Currently testing a robotic head that can entertain travelers. Because the test is running in Frankfurt am Main in cooperation between the railway subsidiary DB Systel and the airport operator Fraport, the robot was originally named “FRAnny”.

Over the next six weeks, the system will address and answer many standard questions from travelers.

So one wants to check functionality, suitability for everyday life and customer acceptance, communicated the partners with. If it works, significantly more of such systems could soon appear at traffic junctions.

Next tests already planned

The core of FRAnny is an AI language system, which is basically already known from the various language assistants. This can be used in conjunction with various manifestations of the customer terminal.

In Frankfurt, users are now talking with a head onto which artificially animated facial features are projected. The AI ​​in the background is connected to the system for digital customer service.

In addition to flight information, FRAnny also speaks small talk and can talk to travelers in German, English and seven other languages.

A predecessor model was tested a year ago. This robot made it to 4400 interactions and subsequent surveys ultimately resulted in 75 percent quite positive feedback.

Since then, the system has evolved significantly and is accordingly optimistic. In summer, the next stage is already planned. Then the sister model SEMMI at Berlin Central Station will handle the customer requests of rail travelers.

Source: Xiaomi

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