Redesigned and Faster Snapchat is available for Android

Redesigned and Faster Snapchat is available for Android: The Snapchat app has been working better on iOS devices, and Android users have had to accept slow and poorly optimized experiences. The company has been committed to improving Android apps for years and is now finally available with an optimized version.

Last August, Snap Inc continued working on the Alpha release, adding a secret method that people could try it out last fall. Earlier this year, the CEO of Snap Inc said Snapchat’s Android redesign will start later this year, spending a lot of time to finish it, but now it’s finally released.

These improvements are not aesthetic, but focus on the performance that has been greatly improved, as you can see in the video below, however, the company does not share specific details of the release schedule, so it takes a little patience to receive updates. You will find a newly updated video presentation for XDA below.

Source: XDA

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