Redmi Smartphone with a Snapdragon 855 chip will not receive an onscreen fingerprint scanner

Redmi will not receive an onscreen fingerprint: The head of the division, Liu Weibing (Lu Weibing), told fans that the novelty will not receive a subscreen fingerprint scanner. In the smartphone will use the usual dactyloscopy. It will most likely be installed on the back of the device.

The fact is that the manufacturer wants to reduce the cost of the smartphone as much as possible, and the onscreen scanners are still not a cheap pleasure. They are mainly installed inexpensive devices. Although there are exceptions, for example, Oppo K1, Galaxy A50, and Xiaomi Mi 9 SE.

On the evening of April 29, some netizens commented on Lu Weibing, the vice president of Xiaomi Group and the general manager of Redmi Redmi brand. I hope that the red rice flagship will not use the rear fingerprint. Lu Weibing responded: the fingerprint is very expensive.

Redmi will not receive an onscreen fingerprint

At present, it is still unclear whether the red rice flagship front or rear fingerprint is temporarily used. If the rear fingerprint is used, then the red rice flagship will definitely adopt the OLED display.

Before the founder of Xiaomi, Xiaomi Group Chairman and CEO Lei Jun talked about the screen fingerprint recognition used by Xiaomi 9.

Lei Jun said that the comprehensive cost of screen fingerprints of Xiaomi 9 is at least 150 yuan, which is several times higher than the price of traditional capacitive fingerprints. And can only match the OLED screen fingerprint, but the OLED screen is expensive and outrageous.

Redmi will not receive an onscreen fingerprint

According to official information, the red rice flagship uses a pop-up full screen, and the front camera uses a lifting solution. Lu Weibing revealed that the red rice flagship chin is very narrow and the screen ratio is very high.


The flagship smartphone Redmi will work on a 7-nm Snapdragon 855 processor and will receive a 32 MP leaving the front-facing camera.

The novelty is also attributed to a triple core module of 48 megapixels, a headphone jack, a Google Pay contactless NFC chip, a 4000 mAh battery and a price tag of about $ 370.

Recall, Xiaomi recently introduced the DDPAI miniONE Dashcam Night Vision DVR and a table fan with a USB-C port.

Source: Mydrivers

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