Rumor: Sony will return to the market of smart watches, 7 years after the release of SmartWatch 3

Recently: Sony is not  doing so well in the  smartphone market: its  trends lag behind  competitors in  performance, but have inflated price tags, and therefore  not  popular and  in demand, but they have inflated price tags, so they are not popular and in demand. Despite this, there were rumors in the network that Sony wants to return to the production of smart watches.

What does it mean?

This was hinted at by the Chinese network informant ZACKBUKS, who repeatedly disclosed information about Sony Xperia gadgets. According to him, in April, the division that dealt with Sony Wena straps joined Sony Mobile Communications. He also hinted at a possible “connection between Xperia and Wena”.

Sony will return to the market of smart watches 2

By the way, Sony is not new to the smartphone market, but it has not released wearable devices for a long time. The latest model is the SmartWatch 3 (pictured), which debuted back in 2014.

Perhaps the new model will be called Sony SmartWatch 4 or open the line of Xperia Watch. If, of course, such a watch will come out at all, since so far all this is only at the level of rumors and hints.

Source: Notebookcheck

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