Samsung Electronics develops next-gen 5nm EUV node

Samsung Electronics announced that it has succeeded in developing ‘5nm process’ based on EUV (Extreme Ultraviolet) technology.

Samsung claims that the next-generation ‘5-nano process’, developed by Samsung Electronics, can reduce the logic area by 25% compared to the existing 7-nano process by 20% or improve the power efficiency by 10%.

In particular, customers can utilize the design assets (IP, Intellectual Property) applied to the 7-nanometer process, so customers using the existing 7-nanometer process can reduce the design cost of the 5-nanometer process.

The 5nm node will be manufactured at Samsung’s Hwaseong foundry and it is based on the same EUV lithography process.

Samsung Electronics is manufacturing state-of-the-art process products based on EUV at the Hwasung Campus S3 line, the latest foundry production facility. The company is planning to launch the Hwaseong Campus EUV line, which is currently under construction, from 2020 to meet the needs of customers and markets.

Samsung Electronics is also mass-producing 7nm and 6nm foundries.

Samsung Electronics began mass production of 7nm products using the EUV process for the first time in the industry earlier this year and plans to ship the product in full swing later this year.

Source: Samsung

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