Samsung Galaxy A52: Best-in-class for video quality

There was a time when Samsung was imposing and conservative in the smartphone market. Modern smartphones Samsung has become sophisticated and tasteful, it has begun to create competitive models, especially within the A-series.

We’re talking again about the Galaxy A52, which is aiming for the title of “golden mean” within its lineup and the middle segment as a whole.

How to shoot video Samsung Galaxy A52?

How is it with the progress of cameras? It is there, and for the first time, the company has “screwed” optical stabilization into a smartphone not from the flagship series.

How attractive is this advantage and is it able to induce a potential buyer to decide on the purchase of the Galaxy A52? Checking the potential of the smartphone in terms of video shooting.

Let’s say right away that the Galaxy A52 can shoot video in FullHD with a frequency of up to 60fps in 4K – up to 30fps. And he does it, I must say – not bad at all.

There are no complaints about the oversaturation of colors here and the camera is great for shooting a blog. And this is clearly demonstrated by the latest short videos in stories.

The stabilization system is really great at compensating for the movement of the operator, it fulfills its purpose. This is a tangible and noticeable step forward, the video quality is very decent.

Especially when it comes to shooting during the day when the videos are bright, clear, and detailed. But at night, the quality invariably deteriorates, and the picture “floats” a little.

In any case, Samsung must be given credit for teaching the Galaxy A52 to offer the best video recording quality among mid-range Android smartphones.

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