Samsung Galaxy S21 vs iPhone 12: Which Smartphones Retain Its Value?

Samsung products are not held in high esteem in the US, while the iPhone is almost a national symbol.

Smartphones can hardly be called a good and successful investment tool. These are not things that can later be sold with fat. It is a completely natural process that they become obsolete, wear out and, as a result, lose value.

Another thing is that some models do it faster, while others can be sold well on the secondary market.

Service SellCell, which specializes in the sale of used smartphones in the United States, has published statistics according to which the Samsung Galaxy S21 is losing its value at a staggering pace. It is much more profitable to buy an iPhone 12, which came out several months earlier than a competitor than to buy a Galaxy S21.

galaxy s21 depreciation

In just one month, smartphones of the Galaxy S21 series lost in price from 44.8% to 57%. Whereas in the iPhone 12 line, this figure for the same period ranged from 18% to 33.7%.

Samsung Galaxy S21 5G with 256 GB of flash memory fell the most – 19%. The slowest in the line of flagships Samsung dropped in the price of the Galaxy S21 with 128 GB of permanent memory – 14.9%. If this model is now sold on the secondary market, then 55% of the original price can be gained.

Slower than others, the iPhone 12 Pro Max is getting cheaper with 128 GB of internal memory. Five months after the announcement, it lost 18.1% in price, and in the first month, it fell by 3.6%.

Among the disadvantages that depreciate the fastest are the iPhone 12 Pro with 512GB of storage and the iPhone 12 with 64GB. In the first month, they depreciated by 6.7%, and for the entire period since their release by 33.7%.

iphone 12 depreciation 2

Let’s not ignore the iPhone 12 mini, which depreciated faster than all the devices in the line in the first month – by 8.2%. Over the past five months, they have dropped in price by about 33%.

What is the reason that Samsung flagships are falling in price faster? It is banal and simple. The statistics are derived for the US market, where user loyalty to the Apple brand is high.

Americans are in no hurry to migrate from iOS devices to Android. They are conservative in their “values” and prefer to purchase devices from a trusted and well-promoted company.

The high demand for used iPhones makes them lose value more slowly than other devices. Interestingly, the survey shows that 26% of Samsung device owners are willing to switch to iPhone later.

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