Samsung Galaxy S21 will receive an update in the Netherlands in April: camera improved

It’s still a bit of March, but the April update is ready for the Samsung Galaxy S21. This brings a new security patch and improvements to the camera. It is now available in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Galaxy S21 update April 2021: Camera improved

Sometimes the monthly update on a smartphone arrives a little later, and sometimes they are right on time. Occasionally, too, they are early. And so a new, major update rolls in on the various Galaxy S21 models.

The update is no less than 1140MB in size and contains firmware version G99 * BXXU2AUC8. It contains three improvements, of which the April security patch is the first. Since Google and Samsung have not yet announced details, we do not know what the patch does.

In addition, the update brings some subtle improvements to the camera app. For example, in Portrait mode, you can now take photos with three different lenses. The changelog also reports that ” overall device performance has improved .” That point is as vague as it is a bonus.

It is clear that Samsung – even sometime after the release of the Galaxy S21 series – continues to dot the ‘i’. Because today’s update is so big, you have to take into account that it will take a while for the software to be optimized again after installation. Maybe your phone uses a little more energy temporarily. This should normalize on its own after a few hours or days.

  • samsung galaxy s21 update april 2021 changelog
  • samsung galaxy s21 update april 2021

The message that you can download the update will sooner or later appear on your phone. You can also manually check if you can download it already: Settings -> Software update -> Download and install.

Have you discovered any more camera improvements after installation on your Galaxy S21?


The update is now OTA available on the unbranded S21, S21 +, and Galaxy S21 Ultra in the Netherlands and Belgium. Whoever bought his or her branded device from Vodafone or T-Mobile must, as is often the case, still be patient.

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