Samsung Galaxy Z Flip met dual punch-hole camera

Samsung patents Galaxy Z Flip smartphone model that can fold in two directions, with a double punch-hole camera and an in-display fingerprint sensor.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip met dual punch-hole camera

Samsung is the market leader in folding smartphones. Two completely different folding phones has now released by the company. The Galaxy Z Fold 2 folds into a large tablet and the Galaxy Z Flip is a compact folding phone. Both smartphones are characterized by an inward foldable screen, so the flexible screen remains well protected when you carry the device folded with you.

However, it seems that Samsung is considering developing a Galaxy Z Flip type smartphone that can fold in two directions; inside and out, eliminating the need to implement a large cover display. This information comes from a new patent, in which more new functions are discussed.

galaxy z flip 2021

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip with dual selfie camera

It is a patent entitled ‘Apparatus and method for illumination of the camera in electronic device’ that was applied for by Samsung Electronics at the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) in October 2020. The 68-page documentation was published on 15 April 2021.

A clamshell phone is described with an elongated display, similar to the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. Special about this device is the possibility to fold the folding phone two ways, of course, the hinge has to be redesigned for this.

The flexible screen remains protected against external influences when folded. If you fold the device in the other direction, you will have access to a large screen on both the front and the back. In addition, you can of course use the phone in fully open mode, after which you can use the entire flexible screen.

galaxy z flip dual punch hole camera

Samsung has chosen for this design a dual punch-hole camera. When implementing a punch-hole camera, it is not possible to also integrate a flash due to security reasons, as described in the documentation. Rather, Samsung wants to use the light emitted by the display.

Of course, this idea is not new and is also used with regular smartphones. Nevertheless, when you use the flash to take a selfie, the screen typically becomes totally white/yellow. The viewfinder is temporarily deactivated. With a folding phone, this is not necessary.

By folding the smartphone open, the double punch-hole camera can be used to take photos and videos. the top part can continue to serve as a viewfinder, while the bottom part functions as a flash. Of course, the lower screen part can also be used for control, such as for adjusting photo settings including contrast, brightness, color temperature, etc.

Samsung Z Flip foldable smartphone with an in-display fingerprint sensor

Samsung Z Flip foldable smartphone with an in-display fingerprint sensor

It is just as interesting that the patent documentation talks extensively about the integration of an in-display fingerprint sensor. For the time being, there are no foldable smartphones available where the fingerprint scanner is processed under the screen. For example, the fingerprint scanner of the Samsung Z Flip is incorporated into the physical button on the right side of the device. This may well change in the future.

Whether and when Samsung intends to implement a double punch-hole camera and/or integrate an in-display fingerprint sensor remains unknown. Z Flip (5G) successor will be announced around July or August 2021. At the same time as the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3, The Galaxy Z Fold 3 is also expected.

Click here to view the documentation of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip with the double punch-hole camera.

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