Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 Disassemble Teardown Video

Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold3 became official last week, and many hands-on and evaluations of the gadget have already taken place. Maybe you want this phone to be seen angles nobody can show you? Its insides, to be exact.

Fortunately, disassembly/teardown videos have been produced for the purpose, and the first one is now live for the Galaxy Z Fold3.

The latest Samsung pliable smartphone in this video you can look at yet unprecedented things, looking at what makes it tick indoors. So grab your bowl of popcorn and click the Play button below.

The video shows you how to tear down your own Galaxy Z Fold3 without causing any damage, although we wouldn’t advocate anyone attempting this at home. After all, it’s a high-priced piece of technology, and the chances of something going wrong during disassembly are considerable. Even yet, seeing other people do it is enjoyable.

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