Samsung has postponed the release of Galaxy Fold

Today, the network has information that Samsung has decided postponed the release of Galaxy Fold foldable smartphone.

At first, they mentioned only the Chinese market, after which it turned out that this would also affect other countries. The company promptly responded to these rumors and published an official statement.

What happened?

On April 23 and 24, on the occasion of the start of sales in China, Samsung planned special events in Hong Kong and Shanghai. But at the last moment, they were canceled, and no new dates were named.

The official statement says that Galaxy Fold will not yet hit the store shelves due to display problems. Recall, they were reported by several journalists who tested the first samples of the device. Within a few days, screens began to fail on smartphones.

“The initial results of checking for problems with displays showed that they could be related to exposure to open loop areas. There was also a case when inside the device there were substances that affect the display. We will take steps to enhance screen protection. We have also improved the guidelines for the care and use of the display, including a protective layer, so that our customers can make the most of opportunities Galaxy Fold”, – is spoken in the press service of Samsung.

The company recognizes that the smartphone ” needs further improvements”, so they postponed the launch of sales. New date promise to say in the coming weeks.

Source: Samsung

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