Samsung plans to design foldable tablets with 8 “and 13” displays

Samsung plans to design foldable tablets: Samsung does not want to let itself be diverted from initial problems around the Samsung Galaxy Fold of its plans for further devices with foldable displays. According to a report from South Korea, the company is already working on other foldable devices with eight and even 13-inch displays.

Samsung plans after Galaxy Fold initially two more hybrids of smartphone and tablet, which should also be equipped with displays that fold. Specifically, there is the talk of a smaller model, which corresponds to an 8-inch tablet in the unfolded state. In addition, the group allegedly plans another, much larger model.

It is said to be a device with a total of 13 inches large, foldable screen. Thus, this model would be at least on paper even a little larger than about an iPad Pro, so it should probably be practically mainly a tablet. Due to the new form factors Samsung also allegedly has new possibilities for the design of the displays.

Thus, the planned 8-inch model comes up with a screen that folds in two places to the rear, which is referred to by the manufacturer internally as a “G-type” fold. As with the uppercase letter G, the device would probably have two “kinks”. The larger 13-inch model, on the other hand, is supposed to be an “S-type” fold, with the letter also providing information about the way the foldable design is designed.

Accordingly, the 13-inch model would be similar to fold like a letter, which is basically at one point “inside” and at another point “outward” folded. Samsung has patented such designs over the last few years, so the company is currently working towards implementing these plans. It remains to be seen how resilient the new displays will be with two folding points in the future, but Samsung is currently already struggling with initial problems around display failures in the Samsung Galaxy Fold. Samsung, display, screen, concept, foldableSamsung.

Source: TheBell

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