Samsung sued over defective Galaxy S20: Did the company know about the problem and keep quiet?

Owners of Samsung smartphones from the United States filed a class-action lawsuit against the company because of defective, as they claim, the flagship Galaxy S20.

What’s wrong?

The problem lies in the main camera or rather in the glass that it is covered with. For some users, this glass was broken or cracked after a while, and the gadget was not dropped, not beaten, and sometimes it was completely in the case.

This happens with all models in the family: Samsung Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20+, Galaxy S20 Ultra, and Galaxy S20 FE. The lawsuit claims that the glass cracks and breaks due to increased internal pressure.

As a result, Samsung was accused of hiding a widespread defect and of fraud. The lawyers said the manufacturer was aware of the problem but did nothing about it.

And the outrage of users is not surprising. After all, the warranty for the repair of glass does not apply, so I had to pay $400 from my wallet.

Source: Android Authority

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