Samsung trolls Apple again, making fun of the iPhone 12 Pro Max camera

It seems that everyone is already used to the fact that smartphone manufacturers often troll each other and expose the advantages of their products against the shortcomings of others. And the main competitors in this endless war are Samsung and Apple. And now Samsung has released several commercials, in which Apple was teased.

Why is the iPhone 12 Pro Max worse?

In these videos, the focus is on the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G camera, which, of course, is compared to the iPhone 12 Pro Max camera. It is not surprising that the latter loses in this fight. First, it has a worse zoom: if the Samsung flagship takes a clear picture of the Moon, the iPhone camera gives out only a cloudy cropped circle. “Close enough?” asks Samsung.

Secondly, the iPhone 12 Pro Max is inferior in the matter of macro photography, while the Galaxy S21 Ultra makes high-quality detailed images. “Is it detailed enough?” the viewer is asked.

Source: Samsung 1, 2

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