Samsung unveils S Foldable triple display and foldable screen like LG Rollable

The annual Display Week conference has kicked off in San Jose, California, and Samsung Display is one of its active participants. This year, too, was not without new developments.

What was shown?

Perhaps the most interesting exhibit was a flexible display with a diagonal of 7.2 inches, which is folded into three parts. The manufacturer calls it S-Folding, and it is most likely intended for folding tablets. When folded, it is a fairly thick gadget, but still fits in your pocket, and when unfolded, it is a full — fledged tablet with a large screen.

Samsung also showed a stretchable display that expands in width. A similar solution uses the LG Rollable folding smartphone.

Samsung unveils S Foldable 2

Another development of the company was a laptop display with a sub-screen webcam. It’s a 17-inch OLED panel with thin bezels.

Samsung unveils S Foldable Laptop

In addition, Samsung is working on a foldable laptop. It has a 17-inch panel with a 4:3 aspect ratio that folds down the middle.

Samsung unveils S Foldable Tab

Source: SamMobile

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