Simulation of the Earth’s collision with an asteroid showed disappointing results

This Monday, the best minds of humanity gathered the seventh conference on planetary security under the auspices of the International Academy of Astronautics. The main goal of the conference was to conduct a computer simulation of an asteroid collision with the Earth. The results, spoiler alert, are disappointing.

What will happen?

If two years ago, at a similar event, it turned out that an asteroid would wipe New York off the face of the earth, this time an unenviable fate would befall the three-hundred-kilometer zone between Prague and Munich.

Scientists have calculated that the impact will affect the Czech Republic, Germany and Austria. And such destruction can bring not a giant space stone, but a small (by cosmic standards, of course) stone with a width of 140 meters.

And how to defend yourself?

NASA is conducting calculations regarding the asteroid Dimorphosis, which, according to the agency, is coming closer to our planet and a collision with which may happen sometime in late 2022. To avoid such a sad scenario, the DART program was created – scientists plan to slow down the asteroid by colliding it with a spacecraft.

But scientists also noticed that this should be done a couple of years before the expected collision-otherwise, the energy is simply not enough for such a sharp change in the course of the asteroid.

Source: Gizmodo


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