Sony Has Unveiled Two New Dualsenses Colors for the PlayStation 5, Which Is Still Hard to Buy

While everyone is trying to buy a PlayStation 5 game console, Sony has decided to release new colors for the DualSense gamepad.

What is known?

The first version was called” Black Night ” (Midnight Black) and it received the usual black coloring, which resembles that in the classic PS2, PS3 and PS4. The second color scheme is more interesting. It has a red-black color and is called “Cosmic Red” (Cosmic Red). As for the console itself, it is still only available in one color. Perhaps in the future, Sony will release the same color options for it.

Sony Dualsenses Red for the PlayStation 5 2

Sony Dualsenses Black for the PlayStation 5 2

Price and when to expect?

The new products will be sold worldwide next month. The price of the question is 69 US dollars.

Source: PlayStation

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