Sony PlayStation VR2 Headset Design: First Look

Sony PlayStation VR2 Headset Design Revealed. Sony launched its VR2 headset and Sense controller last month without providing any official photographs.

Today is the first time we’ve seen the PS VR2 headgear in action, as well as the new Sense controller.

Sony PlayStation VR2 Headset

According to Sony, the VR2 was created in tandem with the PS5, as seen by the white and black colour scheme of the latest headset and controller.

Sony PlayStation VR2 Headset 2

PlayStation VR2 even now requires a USB-C connection to connect to the PS5. It has a thinner and lighter design than its predecessor, as well as compatibility for 4K HDR gaming at 90 or 120 frames per second, better eye-tracking, and a 110-degree field of view.

The headset also has a redesigned vent design and an adjustable lens dial. The controller’s haptic feedback has also been enhanced, according to Sony.

Sony PlayStation VR2 Headset Price

Pricing and availability were not disclosed at this time.

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