Spotify announces Podcast Subscription Following Apple

Last week, Apple announced a major update to the Podcasts app, which added a subscription. Now Spotify has a similar opportunity.

What is known?

Only users of the service in the United States will be able to subscribe to podcasts so far. This feature will work through the Anchor proprietary platform. It allows content makers to mark paid episodes.

By the way, for the first two years, Spotify promises not to take a commission on revenue. That is, 100% of the money from subscriptions will go to podcasters. From 2023, the company will introduce a commission of 5%. For comparison, Apple now takes a commission of 30%, and next year promises to lower it to 15%.

Spotify Podcast Subscription

As for prices, the creators of podcasts on Spotify will be able to choose the subscription price: $2.99, $4.99, or $7.99. Such paid content will be marked with a special icon.

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