Steady Optoelectronics acquired Guangyi Technology to expand PCB assembly services in Taiwan

The factory of Guangyi Technology has been moved to the headquarters of Steady Optoelectronics Group, and the factory has been expanded, equipment and personnel have been added.

Taiwan’s electronic foundry manufacturer, Steady Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd., acquired Guangyi Technology PCB assembly plant in 2020. The merger of the two parties not only strengthens each other’s advantages in component procurement and PCB assembly collaboration but also provides customers in Taiwan. Complete one-stop service.

Founded in 1994, Guangyi Technology is an excellent manufacturer located in northern Taiwan that provides printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) services and has ISO 9001 quality management certification. Focusing on SMT assembly for many years, we also provide DIP, functional testing, and other services. Whether it is proofing, small-scale or large-volume production, its rich experience, and stable quality have been affirmed by customers in various industries.

For decades, Steady State Optoelectronics Technology has provided customers with OEM/ODM services in the technical fields of electronic products, LED industrial and commercial lighting, Bluetooth smart lighting, and digital power supplies, and has continued to invest in R&D talents and equipment. Of our customers jointly develop these promising markets, and at the same time build electronic professional manufacturing services (EMS) capabilities, business projects expanded to product development, software/hardware design, system assembly testing, component procurement, and logistics management.

After Stable Optoelectronics incorporated Guangyi Technology into the group, it still retained the Guangyi Technology company brand. In addition to relocating Guangyi Technology near the group headquarters, it also expanded the plant area, increased equipment and personnel, and further strengthened and integrated the management of various departments. System to improve the efficiency of group management and meet the needs of Taiwanese and global foundry customers.

Looking forward to the future, Guangyi Technology’s PCB assembly services will focus on the fast-growing areas of the power electronics, IoT industry, and automotive electronics markets, with a view to creating greater value for customers.

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