Surface Pro Patent is supposed to be stabilized by additional magnets

The Surface Pro’s biggest weakness is its lack of stability on uneven surfaces. So that future models have a more secure stand, Microsoft would like to strengthen the tablet with an additional magnet. References to this have now emerged.

The information comes from a patent application filed by the Redmonders and recently discovered by Twitter user WalkingCat.

Microsoft recommends folding the Surface Cover backward and placing it under the tablet if the device does not stand securely on the respective surface. In this case, however, the flexible hinge of the cover ensures that the device moves when the touchscreen is operated.

The problem is to be solved with additional magnets on the connector of the cover. In addition, the back of the keyboard is to be equipped with magnets with opposite polarity.

The magnets ensure that the flexibility of the hinge is restricted. The effect can be enhanced with the existing magnets on the underside of the Surface Pro.

Surface Pro patent application was filed in 2020

The patent application was filed on February 5, 2020, and has now been published on April 1, 2021. Of course, the patent is not a guarantee that the technology described will actually later be found in a finished product.

Many innovations presented in patents are not brought to market because the approaches prove to be inefficient or impractical.

Since this is a comparatively simple mechanism, it is still considered likely that the additional magnets will be built into one of the next Surface Pro models and in future generations of the detachable Surface keyboard.

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