TCL Fold n Roll: All in one – Smartphone, Phablet, Tablet. The first foldable smartphone with a display that folds and stretches

TCL continues to experiment with smartphone form factors, and its next creation was the foldable Fold n Roll, which, unfortunately, is still only a concept.

What a miracle technique!

In fact, it is a hybrid that combines past designs and designs. The display offers three sizes at once. The folded it is a regular smartphone with 6.87-inch screen. If you push one part, the area is increased to 8.85 inches, and also the second – to receive a full 10-inch tablet. The aspect ratio is different in all cases.

  • TCL Fold n Roll Smartphone
  • TCL Fold n Roll Phablet
  • TCL Fold n Roll Tablet

The triple camera seems to serve as both the main and the front one. You can also consider two cutouts (most likely for speakers) and a USB-C port.

  • TCL Fold n Roll stretch
  • TCL Fold n Roll stretch 2

TCL says the Fold ‘n Roll is a concept device, but has shown a working prototype. The manufacturer did not disclose any other characteristics , and the fate of the gadget is also unknown.

By the way, TCL has already shown concept phones with different shapes of foldable displays, but the ready-made ones are not on sale yet. However , the manufacturer plans to release its first commercially available foldable device later this year.

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