TCL Huaxing(CSOT) orders equipment for LCD production of T9 project

TCL Huaxing(CSOT) orders equipment for LCD production. TCL Huaxing optoelectronics, a Chinese display manufacturer, has placed an order for equipment to produce huge liquid crystal display (LCD) panels, according to THE ELEC.

According to reports, the company recently placed an order for its T9 factory’s Gen 8.6 (2250x2600mm) oxide thin-film transistor (TFT) LCD production line.

TFTs built of oxide have a faster electron movement and are more energy-efficient. This technology is used in high-end Lcd screens, while a-Si TFT is used in low-end Lcd screens. The project has so far been granted to Korean equipment manufacturers Charm Engineering, Top Engineering, and DMS.

Charm Engineering said this month that Huaxing optoelectronics had won them a supply contract for 13.4 billion won. Huaxing optoelectronics currently has a small market share in the LCD notebook computer, monitor, and tablet computer markets.

At its T9 factory, the company plans to produce LCD panels for TVs, electronic goods, and cars, putting it in direct competition with market giants BOE and LG Display.

The plant’s total monthly design capacity is 180000 Gen 8.6 substrates. The first phase will have a monthly capacity of 99000 substrates; the second stage will have a monthly capacity of 81000 substrates.

TCL Huaxing(CSOT) intends to launch the plant the following year. The company will complete the first phase in the first quarter of 2024, and the second phase will be completed in the first quarter of 2025.

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