TCL Mobile Global Event: TCL Mobile is organizing a 14 April global event

The latest product releases and advertising can be loaded in April as well, just like this month. TCL Mobile will be among those that will announce new products next month.

A tweet from Brad Molen, marketing manager for TCL Mobile, confirms a global event on April 14 to unveil the next “TCL Mobile generation.” The event will be online and will start at 11:00 EST/16:00 GT/17:00 CEST on YouTube.

Although the tweet does not indicate which items are being launched, we suspect that some of them will include the remaining TCL 20 sequence. TCL revealed in January that only the TCL 20 series had been released and available to buy from the five phones in the series. The other 3 were set for later release this year, including TCL 20 Pro 5G, TCL 20L, and TCL 20S.

The manufacturer is also scheduled to launch non-mobile products at the event.

Source: Twitter

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