Tencent Shows A Robot Acrobat On Two Wheels That Can Jump And Do Flips

Robotics X Lab, which belongs to the Chinese tech giant Tencent, has unveiled its new development.

What’s new?

The engineers showed the two-wheeled robot acrobat Ollie. He can adapt to uneven surfaces while moving, and can jump up to 60 cm in height and 40 cm in length.In addition, Ollie can withstand blows, and he can also do somersaults and move along a complex trajectory without losing balance.

Tencent Ollie-4

According to the engineers, the robot acrobat plans every action in advance.

Tencent Ollie-1

From the interesting part, Ollie got a special “hand” that helps him to balance, and it also gives an additional impulse during the jump.

Tencent Ollie-2

By the way, Ollie is not Tencent’s first development. Recently, the tech giant also introduced the Max robot dog. It differs from the development of Boston Dynamics by the presence of wheels on the “legs”.

Source: cnTechPost


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