Tesla warns employees against information leaks

Tesla warns employees: The security department of the company has been keen to make this warning public.

Elon Musk’s company has been keen to make this warning public. Indeed, Tesla warned his employees: the potential leaks of information to come will be heavily sanctioned.

The company has a significant history in this area. Tesla is ready to fire any employee who divulges information to a competitor and even to sue for damages.

Last March, the company announced that it would sue four of its former employees now operating for Zoox.

According to the company’s complaint, Scott Turner, Sydney Cooper, Christian Dement, and Craig Emigh reportedly provided confidential information to competing startup Zoox.

These documents would have greatly helped the company to accelerate its development. A perpetual problem with Tesla.

In an attempt to dissuade his current employees, Elon Musk puts the package out and makes public a warning intended logically only internally. CNBC said it obtained an email from Tesla’s security team.

The message stated that outsiders are targeting employees in the hope of obtaining vital data to “defeat Tesla in his projects.” The details of the sanctions that would be applied to potential renegades were also specified.

Tesla is not the first company to face this kind of problem. Indeed, Apple has used the same ploys as Elon Musk’s company to try to dissuade its employees from giving information to the competition.

The slight difference between Apple and Tesla: a strange feeling begins to be born within the society of Musk. The company is facing headwinds in financial terms.

Source: Engadget

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