The dark side of Epic Games: a journalist talked about the price of popularity of Fortnite

The dark side of Epic Games Fortnite: Journalists continue to delve into the dark side of the gaming industry, once again remembering the “crunch”, the so-called processing. This time Polygon spoke about the problem, releasing material on the difficulties of working on Fortnite.

What have learned?

According to anonymous developers, the team regularly has to work from 70 to 100 hours a week in time to release an update. In addition, developers are ordered to throw all their affairs, if the game found a bug or an imbalance in the weapon, and release the patch “immediately.”

“If a build went out into the wild and there was a negative reaction, then someone at the top would say, ‘We need to change that,’ and everyone would be pulled in from what they were doing, and people were told to cancel their plans, because they were going to crunch until this was done. It was never-ending. It’s great for supporting the community and for the public. But that comes at a cost.” the developer said.

The source said that at the start of Fortnite, the team had a month to prepare for the update, but with the growing popularity of Epic Games increased demands. Now, developers are given days to prepare, because “the marketing department made a promise.” If the employee refused to work overtime, disrupting the deadline, then he was fired.

“One senior guy would say, ‘Just get more bodies.’ That’s what the contractors were called: bodies. And then when we’re done with them, we can just dispose of them. They can be replaced with fresh people who don’t have the toxic nature of being disgruntled.”

At the same time, top management did not work overtime, but only issued orders: “Recycling was everywhere. The only people who didn’t work overtime were mostly the guys who told people to recycle. ”

Source: Polygin

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