The first working 5G network appeared in Ukraine, who can get access to it?

The company Ericsson announced the launch of its Kyiv office of Ukraine’s first 5G demo center.

What is it for and who can get access?

The demo center is designed to test equipment and applications 24/7. It can be accessed by mobile operators (of course), businesses that need it (potential customers) and startups (write – maybe they will answer you).

What equipment is used?

According to Ericsson, the demo center has installed the basic elements of 4G and 5G, as well as deployed an autonomous dedicated 5G network. It includes a small core, Router 6000 for IP connectivity, and a radio access system using the Ericsson Radio Dot System. Its modules look like this (don’t mix it up!):

first working 5G network appeared in Ukraine 2

Successful “vaccination” to all! By the way, we have already talked about exactly how 5G-chipping can take place.


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