The future of foldable gadgets: Royole unveils flexible micro-LED display that can be stretched and folded

Royole became the first company to launch a foldable smartphone in 2018. And now she has presented her new development – an elastic display.

What it is?

This is a display based on micro-LED technology, where the LEDs are smaller compared to OLEDs, and the distance between individual pixels is increased. As a result, this allows more flexible material to be accommodated and more light to pass through.

Royole unveils flexible micro-LED display 2

The elastic display can be stretched 130% and flexed up to 40 degrees. It has a pixel density of up to 120 PPI, like a typical laptop display, and lets in 70% of the light. For example, an LG transparent TV only lets in about 40% of the light.

Royole unveils flexible micro-LED display 3

The development was demonstrated using a 2.7-inch panel with a resolution of 96 × 60 pixels.

Royole unveils flexible micro-LED display

By the way, such displays can be produced on production lines for the production of flexible screens for folding smartphones. According to Royole, flexible displays can be applied to health, fitness, sports, fashion, and transportation.

Source: Royole

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