The news alleges that Samsung intends to cooperate with Olympus to enhance the shooting effects of the Galaxy series cameras

Related news alleged that Samsung will work for hand in hand with Olympus, and it is expected that the Galaxy Z Fold 3 to be launched this year will be designed with Olympus lens technology, and a special edition model may be launched.

On the other hand, Samsung may also apply Olympus lens technology to the Galaxy S22 Ultra planned to be launched next year, which means that it will continue to cooperate with Olympus for many years.

Like Huawei’s cooperation with Leica, HMD Global, Sony, and Vivo are cooperating with Zeiss, and OnePlus is announcing a collaboration with Hasselblad in lens design. Even LG’s V70, which was unable to enter the market smoothly, chose to cooperate with South Korean lens manufacturer Samyang.

In this way, the shooting effect of mobile phone cameras can be further improved, and it can also create a bigger topic. If Samsung and Olympus reach an agreement to apply Olympus’ lens technology to high-end flagship mobile phones, it is obviously the same market strategy.

Samsung intends to cooperate with Olympus

However, Olympus has already converted its digital camera business group into a wholly-owned subsidiary last year and changed its name to OM Digital Solutions, and its majority shareholding was acquired by a Japanese industrial partner.

Therefore, Samsung reported this time. Cooperation with Olympus should theoretically be an agreement with Japanese industrial partners and use the Olympus brand, but it is also possible that Olympus originally holds the ZUIKO lens brand name.

It is currently uncertain whether Samsung’s cooperation is true, but after Samsung confirmed that it will not launch a new Galaxy Note series in the second half of this year, many market views believe that Samsung is planning to expand the development strategy of the Galaxy Z Fold series, perhaps through cooperation with Olympus.

The design of the camera will increase the effectiveness of the publicity of the topic, and may even improve the shooting effect of the Galaxy S22 Ultra camera planned to be launched next year.

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