The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will have a more curved screen than usual.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 curved screen: Perhaps the curved panels on the latest models of flagships are more needed for the frames on the sides of the screen to appear thinner, and not to expand the capabilities of the smartphone.

On the Galaxy Note 9 and S10, the bend became very small, and practically nothing fit on it. However, with the advent of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10, this may change.

The Ice Universe insider once again teased us with information about the unannounced South Korean manufacturer’s device.

He said that Samsung will return to the roots, which means it will make both panels on the sides of the display more curved.

Thus, the touch panel will be more around the body. Yes, this step can cause negative consequences, which you will learn in a minute.

Ice Universe equates Galaxy Note 10 to Note 7, noting that the bend angle will be approximately the same.

If Samsung really wants to take this step, then we hope that it will not forget about the user interface. The software must be thought out so that the panels are also useful, and not just beautiful.

In addition, the insider said that the Galaxy Note 10 will be a competitor with a similar screen bent around the edges.

He, of course, did not share the details, but there is nothing strange in this because the new phablet of the series will not appear until August.

On the first Galaxy Note and S models, users complained about accidental screen clicks due to the large bending of the panels.

Seoul people will have to resolve this issue, and the easiest way is to work on a system that will deal with random touches.

Source: Twitter

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