The user demands $5 million from Apple because of the exploded iPhone 6

The user demands $5 million from Apple because of the exploded iPhone 6, and this is possible. A resident of Hopkins County, Texas, Robert Franklin (Robert Franklin) sued Apple over the incident, which happened in 2019.

What happened?

The lawsuit, filed recently in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas, states that Robert was injured in the explosion of his iPhone 6. According to him, that day he listened to music on the smartphone, but at some point, it began to disappear.

The man went to the phone and took it in his hand, and at that moment it exploded in his face. As a result, the victim suffered injuries to his wrist and eyes, which, as he says, make themselves felt to this day. The lawsuit states that ” the iPhone 6 battery contains a defect that makes it unable to reliably perform its function of powering the iPhone 6 without overheating. This defect creates a risk of explosion and fire in the iPhone 6.”

Robert says that he bought the phone in 2018, but whether it was new or used and in what condition it was at the time of the explosion is unknown. Nevertheless, the man demands a good compensation — as much as 5 million dollars. This amount includes a refund of the cost of the faulty phone and battery, as well as the cost of replacing the device, legal fees, and attorney’s fees that he will have to pay.

Apple was previously get sued for the iPad burns as well.

Source: PhoneArena

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