This is a breakthrough: IBM has introduced the first chip with a 2nm process technology

The American technology giant IBM published an article that they managed to make a chip using two-nanometer technology, fitting 333 transistors on one square millimeter. The company explained its breakthrough in semiconductor design by saying that in the age of AI, cloud storage and compact wearable electronics, devices need more and more power.

How is this useful?

  • In its publication, the company highlighted several key areas where the new chips will surpass 7nm counterparts:
  • Extending the battery life of smartphones by 4 times;
  • Reduction of electricity consumption by data centers;
  • A major increase in laptop and laptop performance: the new chips will provide 45% better performance and 75% less power consumption;
  • Contribution to autonomous self-driving transport: chips will speed up object recognition and computing needed on the road

In general, the density of transistors is the only thing that affects the power consumption and, most importantly, the performance of modern electronic devices. According to Moore’s law, the density doubles every 24 months, but with the development of semiconductor technologies, it becomes increasingly difficult to fit transistors on a chip, and the next breakthrough in this area promises something completely new in the field of processor engineering.

Source: IBM


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