Tile accuses Apple of trying to monopolize the Bluetooth tracker market with the release of AirTag

Just a couple of weeks ago, Apple introduced its tracker for searching for missing things AirTag, which caused dissatisfaction with Tile a company that is an old timer of this market.

What’s wrong?

In an interview, Tile CEO CJ Prober expressed dissatisfaction with Tim Cook’s decision to go into the mobile tracker business. According to him, Apple has put Tile at a disadvantage with the release of AirTag and recent changes to iOS, including the way it interacts with Tile trackers.

So, back in 2019, Apple launched the Find My app and “made a number of changes” that caused difficulties for Tile users who wanted to use trackers on their iOS devices.

Tile Bluetooth Tracker

In addition, Tile tried to negotiate with Apple for access to the U1 ultra-wideband chip, but the company did not agree. But Apple recently changed its mind and announced that it will soon release a draft Ultra Wideband specification that will give others access to the U1 chip. Moreover, the Find My network is now open to third-party manufacturers who want to create new products with AirTag capabilities.

“Apple does not need to take advantage of its monopoly position, the App Store and the iPhone, (and) enable advantages that only they can partake in… They can make those advantages available to all companies so we can compete on a level playing field, ” said the head of Tile.

Tile representatives are working with Epic Games and Spotify as part of the App Equity Coalition and testified against Apple in a legal dispute with Epic Games.

Source: PhopeAgepa

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