Tim Cook on Apple’s Exit plans and tenure as CEO

Tim Cook will run Apple for no more than 10 years and electric cars are in the company’s sphere of interest.

Talk about Apple building an electric car will continue. This year, they started talking at all that the company is looking for a contractor who will take up the production of cars.

They didn’t find anyone who wanted to. But still, to this day, there is still no clarity: is Apple building an electric car or not?

Not so long ago, Tim Cook gave an interview to The New York Times, where this issue was not spared. It is quite predictable that the CEO of Apple did not give a direct answer, but preferred to limit himself to general phrases.

“I believe that autonomy itself is a key technology. With a few caveats, a car can be considered a robot. A self-driving car is a robot. A lot of interesting things can be done with autonomy. Let’s see what Apple can do with it. We are exploring a lot of different things. Many of them will never see the light of day. But I am not suggesting that none of these things will ever appear, ”said Tim Cook.

Judging by his answer, Apple is working on a self-driving car or intelligent autopilot system. But there is no certainty that in the end, everything planned can come true.

Among other things, in an interview, Tim Cook said that he could leave the post of CEO of Apple for the next ten years. In particular, he said that he is unlikely to remain at the helm of the company for more than 10 years.

Recall that Tim Cook has been working at Apple since 1997, and he took over as CEO in 2011 after the death of the founder of the company, Steve Jobs.

In 2020, he celebrated his 60th birthday, and almost certainly the issue of his successor is under discussion. Jeff Williams (Apple’s chief operating officer) and John Turnus (vice president of hardware) are named among those who can lead Apple.


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